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TONE MONSTER  Guitar Amplifiers was born out of an old cigar box, radio speaker and simple volume only battery powered amplifier circuit. It led to the release of our first cigar box guitar amplifier kit back in 2008. Little did we know it would start a cottage industry of custom mini amp builders worldwide!

Not satisfied with a volume only design, we took the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) guitar amplifier circuit to the next level with our NO SOLDER SD-2WH, MAH3 and MAH5 harnesses. Features include variable gain (SD-2WH), selectable overdrive (MAH3/MAH5), tone expander circuit (MAH3/MAH5), headphone output (all models) and even an MP3/IPOD input (MAH5). Forget all of those pint-sized replicas of brand name amplifiers with 1 watt or less, our circuits offer 2, 3 and 5 watts of power all from a standard 9V battery.

With a ready to install harness your focus is on the enclosure. This is where you can really let you imagination run wild. Of course a cigar box works great but our customers have used everything from a shoe shine box, drive in movie speaker enclosure, original steam punk design, vintage suitcase, ammo box, lunch box, soup can, custom built wood enclosures, radios and even the Priority Mail box used for shipping! Our circuits also make the perfect on board amplifier for creating self-contained music makers from travel and cigar box guitars to alternative and ethnic instruments.

The emphasis is on gain driven or overdrive guitar tones creating a little TONE MONSTER! Great for blues, rock and even metal our circuits like to get down and dirty making them perfect for busking, low level jamming and even recording. Its hard to believe all those great tones are coming from an amplifier that you designed and built in just a few hours with basic hand tools.