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We took almost a year to take the MAH5 from design to production. Not just an upgraded version of our MAH3 circuit but a completely new design. With features like 5 watts of power, tone expander circuit, (4) levels of overdrive (Tube/Blues/Rock/Metal) and even an MP3/IPOD input, it is the ultimate NO SOLDER DIY guitar amplifier circuit.

The MAH5 works great for amplifier head builds, self contained guitar designs and installation in a project box for what we refer to as a Pocket Monster. If you want to build an amplifier for busking, low level jamming and even recording, look no further as the MAH5 is hands down your best choice.


MAH5 Features

- 5 watts

- volume ~ power on/off

- tone expander

- clean + (4) levels of overdrive Tube/Blues/Rock/Metal

- "A" tuning note

- 3.5mm headphone/ear bud output

- 1/4" guitar input

- 3.5mm MP3/IPOD input

- 9 to 15VDC input (adapter not included)

- 9V battery clip

- red power LED

- speaker leads

Recommended Speaker

3" to 8" rated @ 5 to 15 watts 4 or 8 ohm

Recommended Power Supply

9 to 15VDC 500mA Center (+) Fully Regulated

MAH5 leads are approximately 180mm