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SD-2WH Features:

- 2 watts

- volume ~ power on/off

- gain

- 3.5mm headphone/ear bud output

- 1/4" guitar input

- 9V battery clip

- speaker leads

Recommended speaker

2" to 6" Rated @ 2 to 5 watts 4 or 8 ohm

The SD-2W is our original guitar amplifier circuit. With a robust 2 watts of power, it will give you the satisfaction of building your own guitar amplifier without emptying your wallet. Available in both an  EZ SOLDER circuit (SD-2WC) or NO SOLDER harness (SD-2WH), it features controllable gain so you can take your tone from clean to crunchy. Powered by a 9V battery for complete portability, just add a speaker and enclosure for a rockin' little custom guitar amplifier that you can be proud of. Also available in a complete kit with a high quality speaker and all of the necessary hardware to complete your build in a few hours with basic hand tools.